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title: "Focus" date: 2020-01-24T05:45:13+11:00

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It's been almost a month into the new year now, and this year in particular I struggled with resolutions. I was going through my things and found my ones from last year. I didn't review them enough to remember them throughout the year,and they were vague enough that even now I feel as though I did do a good job on them. My point is talk is cheap. I've always been one for talking up a storm, but I don't generally walk the walk.

So it's a good thing I'm struggling with a resolution. I struggle to pick one not out of fear of failure, but out of false ambition. The whole point of a resolution is to be held accountable. Resolutions are just thoughts, saying them outloud makes them real, and motivates ░▘▙▟▔▐▛ to take action. But it's not my thoughts I'm concerned about managing anymore. I am more concerned with my ability to act, managing my focus. It seems 'solidifying' my thoughts here online and when making resolutions, doesn't motivate me to take action. Hence, the struggle.

I suppose in an ironic way this is me just making more talk. We'll see if I actually get on to the doing.