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Vim Kendrit Review


  • check out all the vim plugins i have saved
    • tagbar
    • fzf / ctrlP / vim-clap / ag
    • linting
    • iron.vim
  • intermediate vim
    • buffers/tabs/sessions
    • folds
    • make / build integration
    • indentation with =
  • how to exit paste mode
  • how to utilize macros better
  • compile a vim cheat sheet
  • learn advanced vim tricks
    • complete vimtutor to the end
  • learn some vimscript
  • contribute to taskwiki

== .vimrc Configuration ==

  • set path+=** When using :find like commands, search all subdirectories recursively
  • set wildmenu Display all matching files when tab-completing

=### Commands = Folding:

  • zf create fold
  • zo open fold
  • zc close fold
  • za toggle fold
  • zd delete fold
  • zO open all folds
  • zM close all folds Alternatively use the range command like so:
  • :20,101 fold

Folding method is defined through the foldmethod option foldmethod can be one of:

  • manual - the above commands will all require a motion if set to this
  • indent - fold based on indent
  • syntax
  • marker - set a marker with {{{ }}}
  • expr


  • H top
  • M middle
  • L bottom
  • zz center viewport on cursor


  • ctrl+e down one line
  • ctrl+y up one line
  • ctrl+d half page down
  • ctrl+u half page up
  • ctrl+f foward one page
  • ctrl+b back one page


  • f{character} find char
  • t{character} to char
  • F{character} back find char
  • T{character} back to char , / ; for navigating matches


  • c{motion} change {motion} e.g. cw is change word like d{motion} followed by i


  • `m exact position to mark
  • 'm go to mark
  • :marks list marks


  • :set spell activate spelling
  • ]s Jump to next mistake
  • [s Jump to previous mistake
  • z= Spelling suggestions
  • :ab abbreviation
  • zg Adds word to regular dictionary
  • zG Adds word to the current session dictionary

Modifiers: You can use modifiers to change the meaning of a noun. Some modifiers are i, which means “inner” or “inside”, and a, which means “around”.

  • ci( change the contents inside the current pair of parentheses
  • ci[ change the contents inside the current pair of square brackets
  • da' delete a single-quoted string, including the surrounding single quotes

Substitue: :s or :%s/<find-regex>/<replace-regex>

Macro pause: if you started recording macro with qa and need to pause, stop the recording with q and then resume with qA


  • ~ flips the case of a character
  • ) Takes you to the start of the next sentence
  • ( Takes you to the start of the previous sentence
  • } Takes you to the start of the next paragraph or block of text
  • { Takes you to the start of the previous paragraph or block of text
  • [[ Jump to function start
  • [{ Jump to block start
  • Ctrl+A, Ctrl+X Increment, or decrement the first number found after the cursor.
  • :undolist Show the undo tree
  • :set nopaste disable pastemode

=### external = bindkey -v to set vim commands in terminal (zsh only) export EDITOR=vim echo "set editing-mode vi" > ~/.inputrc for GNU Readline basic vim emulation

=### tutorials =

=### talks =

=### books =